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What is Aurogra 100?

Aurogra 100 is a drug for potency based on sildenafil (Viagra). This generic is used to treat male impotence (impotence). The action of the drug is based on the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the cavernous body and an increase in the arrival of blood to the penis. Other trademarks of sildenafil (eg Revatio) are used to alleviate the condition of patients with pulmonary hypertension.

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How to take Aurogra 100?

  • Accept the Aurogra 100 exactly as it was assigned to you by your healthcare professional. Follow the advice of a doctor and do not take in large doses or longer than indicated in the appointment.
  • A pill is generally taken only if necessary, at least half an hour before intimate intimacy.
  • Do not consume Aurogra more than once a day. buy aurogra online uk. Generic Aurogra does not contribute to an increase in libido and does not lead to arbitrary erections. The drug works only with sexual arousal.

Method of use Aurogra 100

Aurogra 100 is applied one hour before sexual intercourse, the peak of its action falls on a period of time from one to two hours after the application of this tool. Aurogra 100 lasts about 5 hours.

It is recommended to take no more than 100 mg per day, which is equal to 1 Viagra tablet. Increased dosage can be drunk if prescribed by a doctor or if your body weight is higher than the standard, as well as with serious problems for people with erectile dysfunction.

Viagra AUROGRA 100 is not necessary to combine with alcoholic aurogra online order. If you are planning to take pills with alcoholic beverages, then it is better to do this with active substances Tadalafil and Vardenafil, but if you take alcohol in small quantities

Operating principle

In order for the Aurogra 100 tablets to work as expected, for this, natural sexual arousal is necessary, if it is not there, then this drug will not work because there will be no blood rush to the penis and the substance will not get to the genitals. The penis will not stand by yourself without excitement, so the likelihood that you may not have pleasant situations is minimized

Dosing Aurogra 100

  • Standard dose for adults: Recommended initial dose: 50 mg of sildenafil (half a tablet of Aurogra 100) orally once a day, as needed, 1 hour before sexual intercourse.
  • Sometimes, it is better to use flexible doses of the drug: 25-100 mg (from 1/4 to 1 tablet) orally once a day, as needed, one hour before sexual activity.
  • Note: Aurogra 100 is able to be used at any time - from half an hour to 4 hours before intercourse. buy aurogra online europe.


With an overdose of drugs based on sildenafil, standard undesirable effects that do not require hospitalization (runny nose, change in color, flu-like state) appear. To improve the condition of the patient, supportive therapy is carried out aimed at relieving the main symptoms. When significant severity of adverse reactions or the occurrence of rare and severe symptoms that threaten the patient's health, should immediately seek medical help. To minimize the side effects of taking the Aurogra 100, follow the standard recommendations of the drug guide. The specific antidote is unknown.

Contraindications Aurogra

Persons under 18, and if your age is over 65, it is best to take generics under medical supervision. If there are problems with pressure, you should also consult a doctor to suggest tablets that will be compatible with your blood pressure, as some increase the pressure, and some lower. If you have had problems with infrastrukt or stroke in the last 6 months, then this drug also should not be taken. If there are problems with internal organs: heart, blood vessels, kidneys. If you have a penis deformity, this may cause certain Active ingredient may not be suitable for everyone. people, especially if there is no compatibility with it, then the active ingredient should be replaced with another.